COVID Jersey related questions

Is it safe to travel to Jersey?

Jersey is part of the UK’s Common Travel Area and is therefore open to visitors from the UK. Jersey’s Visit Safe scheme outlines the most up-to-date travel guidelines, including pre-departure travel forms, PCR testing on arrival and any isolation requirements depending on the area you’re travelling from.

Are hotels in Jersey open?

While hotels in the island are currently open, this is a
constantly changing situation and monitoring the Jersey’s and the UK’s government advice is recommended.

Jersey specific questions

Where is Jersey?

Jersey is a 9 by 5 mile island situated in the English Channel nestled along the French
Normandy coast. We are well connected with regional airports in the UK, only a 40 minute flight from London, and can be reached via ferry from Poole in just 4 hours and 30 minutes. Additionally, our ferry connections allow you to be in our sister island of Guernsey or the seaside town of Saint Malo in France in under 2 hours.

What information do I need to know before traveling to Jersey?

From currency and visas to healthcare and accessibility find answers to all your need-to-know questions on the Visit Jersey site.

Do you need a passport to go to jersey?

Jersey is a part of the Common Travel Area and therefore there are no immigration controls when travelling between the UK and Jersey. If you are a British passport holder and travelling from the UK then you are not required to carry your passport with you when visiting Jersey, however you will need your photo ID. Please refer to this passport and visa page for further details about passports and visas.

If you’re a EU or EAA passport holder, or you’re traveling to the island from abroad, then you will need to show your passport or identity card on arrival. If you need further details about visas then visit the Jersey government page for a breakdown.

What timezone is Jersey in?

Jersey is on the same time as the UK. We follow Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and
follow the mainland when changing to British Summer Time.

What currency does jersey accept?

Jersey uses sterling currency, but has its own money – the Jersey pound. However,
English money is freely used and all major credit and debit cards are accepted.

What language do they speak in Jersey?

As we are a British Crown Dependency our main language we speak is English.
However, our French history is peppered throughout island life which can be seen in our
road signs and particularly in our native language, Jerriais, a mix of Norman French and Norse.

Can I use my mobile in Jersey?

Typically UK and EU mobile networks class calls in Jersey as international. Speak to your current provider to find out your current charges.

Can I get medical treatment in Jersey?

In short, Jersey is not part of the UK and is therefore not part of the NHS. However, with
visitors from the UK some care is covered in a Reciprocal Health Agreement (RHA) which covers emergency treatment given in the emergency department. For a full breakdown of what is covered and what is not please see this health agreement page.

Do I need travel insurance for Jersey?

It is strongly recommended travelling to Jersey with the appropriate travel insurance.

Are taxis available at the airport in Jersey?

Yes, taxi ranks are available at both the airport and the harbour. Here is a full list of Jersey taxi providers.

How do I rent a car in Jersey?

Typical car hire desks are available at the airport. Here is a full list of Jersey car hire companies available.

Hotel specific questions

What time is check-in and check-out at my hotel?

Somerville Hotel – Check-in 3.00 pm / Check-out 11.00 am
Golden Sands Hotel – Check-in 3.00 pm / Check-out 11.00 am
Hotel Cristina – Check-in 3.00 pm / Check-out 11.00 am
Check out our Dolan Loyalty app which offers great check-in and check-out perks. You can also check-in online prior to arrival via your pre-arrival email.

Is there parking at my hotel?

Somerville Hotel – free on-site private parking.
Golden Sands Hotel – no free parking but paid for parking opposite the hotel where you can use the Pay By Phone app to quickly and easily pay for parking at car parks across the island.
Hotel Cristina – free on-site private parking.